Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coraline in 3D

ALrigt this movie was advertised as a kids movie, I went tonight to see the movie with Kyra(She is like my sister i guess lol) And her Husband and there 2 kids Ashlynn and Austin. It was the wierdest movie. I don't think it should have been advertised as a kids movie at all. Kyra and I ended up having to leave a little early because Ashlynn was too scared. So yeah...Just wanted to vent about that creepy wierd movie!!!

Disneyland 2009

So i just got back last night from Vacation. We had SOOO much fun. We left last Sunday morning and drove down to Anahiem, We checked into our hotel room a day early instead of just staying at another hotel in the area. Our hotel was right across the street from Disneyland...Soo awesome. We did not stay in the Disneyland Hotel or those huge really nice hotels. We stayed at a Best Western, but i think that our walk to Disneyland was better then the one from the disneyland hotel to the park...Awesome!!! So we relaxed that evening since we didnt check in until about 6pm. We went out to dinner that night to celebrate my little brother Brandon's 9th birthday which was about a week and a half before we left. The next day we almost decided to do nothing, because it was raining all day. But at about 2pm we decided that we were going to go to Universal Studios. Which was such an awesome decision to make, we had SOO much fun. We went on rides, met characters, got hella funny pictures taken, and went on the studio tour, which took us on the set of Desperate Housewives...Awesome...It also took us and showed us, how they shot certain parts of movies. It was so cool to see how they do things. Then after a long day there, it was back to our hotel to relax! Tuesday was our first day in the parks, and we ended up going to California Adventure, Which was so much fun, they have some of the coolest rides and things there. Soarin' over California was one of the coolest rides, it made you feel like you were really flying over certain parts of the state by blowing air on you, and then the scents of what you would actually smell when you were there, can you say FUN. And then we went on this 3D Toy Story ride. Which was a little kid ride, but actually was one of my favorites. You sat in these little seat thingys and you wore 3D glasses and you got moved and turned all around to these different screens, and then had to shoot at all these targets, and you were competing against the person next to you, Steven kicked my ass both times, but it was still so much fun. We spent probably 6 1/2 hours at the park that day. Wednesday it was off to Disneyland, and I was so excited. There were so many fun things to do. We went on Space Mountain...Crazy ass rollercoaster, all in the DARK. We snuck my little brother on to Splash Mountain without him really knowing what the ride was like. He is really scared of ALOT of things. So this was not only going to me a challange to get him on the ride without freaking out, but it was hopefully going to show him, that you can go and do these things, and that everything was going to be alright and no one was going to get hurt. In the end he loved the ride, and wanted to do it again, so he could sit in the front and get really wet...LOL On the 3rd day, we just went back and forth between both parks, doing things we had not gotten to do on previous days, or we went on rides that we really wanted to do a second or third time. On this day, we let my Grandma relax most of the day because she has a bad foot, and she had walked alot the previous 2 days. So it was Brandon, Michele, Steven and I most of the day. And we had a blast, Went to Tom Swayer Island, and walked through the caves, and walked over all the bridges, it was fun. Then my little brother decided that he wanted to go on this ride, that the 3 of us and not even asked Brandon if he wanted to go on it because we all thought he would say NO WAY!! He wanted to go on the Tower of Terror...The Elevator the drops you up and down fast and then opens the doors and looks out over the park. INSANE...SO we got in line, and he was a little creeped out, but we kept him busy in line playing games on our phones. And then all of a sudden it was time to get on the ride, and he started to tear up saying he was scared. I held his hand and told him everything would be ok, and that i would not take him on something that would hurt him. He said on and sat in between Steven and I. Once the doors closed and it got dark he got really scared. I honestly didn't think we were going to make it through the ride. And then it started dropping us down fast, then pulling us back up..The poor guy was SOO scared, Steven and I had to be leaned into him the entire ride telling him it was ok, and that it was almost over. Then he said and I quote "I think i am going to throw up" LOL I was like Oh Shit. Steven said just breathe i promise its almost over. And then finally it was over. Thank God. He was shaking and just wanted off the ride. By the time we got out of the building he was ok. He still says to this day he is NEVER going on that ride again, and that it creeps him out. Needless to say i am SOO proud of him, He got on that ride, rode it, and tried to get over his fears. I am SUPER proud of him!! Here is The Castle in Disneyland at nighttime. Our trip was AMAZING!! I love my family, and have a million and one pictures to remember our amazing week!! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

So for this week's assignment...
Your topic is:This Past Week

So here it goes...

1) I am thankful for all the time i have got to spend with my family this past week. I ended up not having to work Thursday so i went up to Sac that day cause it was my little brother birthday, And i had a dentist apt up there Thurs. Morning So i went up there and stayed the night. Lots of fun, Then i ended up going back up there for the weekend, where we rocked out on Rock Band all weekend. So much fun

2) I am thankful for the fact that as of Sunday my mom has been clean for 5yrs. We all went with her to the meeting where she would recieve her 5yr clean chip, and got up to say something about her, as i stood up to walk up there, i couldn't help but cry, i am so proud of her, and how far she has come since she has been clean. Love you Mom

3)I am thankful that i still have a job, We all know how the economy is going, and i am very thankful to still wake up every morning and have a job. I did have my hours cut, but i rather that then no job at all.

4)I am thankful that my tooth is feeling a little better, the dentist says there is nothing wrong but i beg to differ and really do not want to end up on vacation next week with a jacked up tooth. But its an up and down kind of thing. so pray it gets better for me

5) I am thankful for my grandparents helping me with my bills since my hours have gotten cut at work. I hope we start to get busy soon, cause i really am not going to be able to live off of the money i will be making with a part-time job

6)I am thankful for all of my girls helping me plan my 22nd birthday. I am getting ready to go on Vacation and then my birthday is the weekend after i get back, and they have all been such a big help in trying to figure out what to do and getting everything organized.

7)I am thankful i get to go on Vacation next week with my Family. A week in Disneyland with my Grandma, Sister, Brother, and of course Steven...Going to be SOOO much fun. We have so many fun things planned, 3-day pass to Disneyland and California Adventure, Universal studios, Hollywood blvd, Venice beach..YAY Stayed tuned for blogs on that!!!

8)I am thankful for my glasses (keep your fingers cossed) hopefully being her this week, so that i don't have to struggle reading anymore, and that i wont get so sleepy when i do read.

9)I am thankful that i have somehow started making myself drink more water, something i have been trying to do forever but just couldn't i have had 2 sodas in the last week YAY me!!

10) And finally i am thankful for everyone who is apart of my life on a daily basis, you all mean so much to me, and i thank each and everyone of you for being the person that you are!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday

Today is my little brothers 9th birthday. I ended up not having to go into work today, and I had made a dentist apt in Sac for tomorrow morning, So i decided to drive up here today and suprise my little brother for his b-day. My mom made me hide in the back of my grandmas van when we went to go pick him up from school, and after she drove there all crazy like she does i thought i was going to be dead from things falling on me. But when we got there i stayed hiden, and she went in and got him, and they got back into the car and started heading back to my grandmas house. I started poking my head up and making this noise like the tire was leaking air and going flat, and my little brother started freaking out thinking we were getting a flat tire, and then he turned around again after my mom pulled over and was going along with the "I think we have a flat tire story" and i popped up and scared the crap out of him. He was excited i was here, and started asking me if we were having a little party for him, I told him No. Because we are going to Disneyland in 2 weeks and will be celebrating both mine and his birthdays while we are down there, and he almost started to cry, when he got into my grandmas house he went running inside and saw a couple presents and cake and just kept telling us he knew we were lying. LOL All in all it was a good day, and great to see my family. Not looking forward to going home tomorrow after my dentist apt, but I do miss Steven and Piston. I hope to be on here for FFF this week. I have really sucked at blogging this year. Sorry