Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday to me!!!

So last Saturday we celebrated my 22nd birthday which was actually Sunday, but no one would have been able to go out on a sunday night, So Saturday it was.

We started out the night at Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Sacramento which was delicious. The salad i got was amazing, but i didn't get to eat much of it, cause i was visiting with everyone, and then WHAM...All of a sudden it was like 9:45 and they were bringing out my birthday Ice Cream and singing to me. They close at 10 i think so i think that was kinda there get the hell out so we can close message LOL.

So here are a couple of us at dinner. Bre, Me, Maren and Brit. I love these girls.
After dinner we headed towards The Park just down the street from the resturant. Which we had to stand in a little bit of a line outside, as it started to sprinkle which didn't make me very happy, But oh well. Once we got inside it was all on. Getting drinks, dancing having a ball!

So it sucks that this was blurry, But its Me, Brit, And then Ashly and Lonny in the background. We all had so much fun dancing, And all the guys came out to dance too!

This is Brandon out on the dance floor cuttin the rug. He was soo funny, and some white boy song came on and he cleared a little area, and just got down, he def. had me cracking up.

Here is Ash, Bre, and I my night wouldn't have been as much fun if it wasnt for them. They are amazing, and we had so much fun!!!

Here are all of the boys except for Lonny (I think they left before we took this picture) They boys had a blast, They were all drinking, and having a good old time. It was soo good to have them all there.

Her i am with my Trin, I am sooo glad she came we had Sooo much fun.

Here is Trina and her sister Mollie, I loved having them there with me. It was sooo much fun. Can't wait until we all hang out again

And last but def. not least Here is me and my love. I love him sooo much and was so happy he got to come!! Love you babe
My birthday was amazing, i thank everyone for coming and helping me celebrate my birthday, Can't wait until we all get together soon!!! Love you ALL


Trina said... was fun! Lets go...ok maybe not right now...we are all kinda hung over this wknd...but soon, maybe stars or somewhere closer?? Love you B

Bre said...

Ohh! im down for Stars Trina!!! Did you hear their was a shooting there this past weekend though?? Some 18 yr old. Oh well LOL lets party!!!