Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long time....Again

Well the good news is i am back at work, and dont always have alot of work so i am going to be able to start blogging more, yay me. LOL Well i got a new job in Vacaville, only like a block away from my house, yay better then driving to vallejo, I am doing the same thing working at a body shop. Only here there are not all the people in the office like there was at my last job, Once i get the hang of everything, it will only be me. i know scary, the owner will still be here with me and he knows how to do everything, but he also works out in the shop and where ever else he is needed. I think once i get used to it i am going to love it here. Aside from that we have had a very busy month so far, and its not even over and we still have a ton planned to do.
The first week in October Steven raced the Dodge National in Sacramento, It was a very long week, and very nerve wreaking week for me last time we raced this national back in 2007 Steven crashed and broke a finger and cut up another one pretty bad and we ended up in the emergency room, and he had surgery that night. So i was very scared like i always am at every race this one was just a little different. In the end, He got 2nd overall in his 25+ class which came with a nice trophy, jacket and a bag full of fun things. in his 250 stock and 250 mod he got 18th overall, which isnt bad for all the people that were on the line probably like 35 yikes. after that race was over we had a week of kinda down time, which happened to be the week i started working (just this last week) Then Steven left saturday night for a week long fishing trip in Nevada at Pymrid lake. He will be back friday mid-day, just in time to go pick up his tux and head to the reshersal dinner, so the wedding that he is going to be in this saturday. Then oviously saturday we will be at the wedding. Sunday is our nephew Chances 1st birthday so we are going to be at that. Then are hectic month starts to die down from there thank god. The following week though is my moms birthdaym and Steven, my sister and I bought tickets to take her to the Dane Cook show, She doesnt know yet and we are going to try and keep it from her until the night of when steven and I show up at the house, My sister is going to tell her we are going out to dinner so she will get ready to go out, She has expressed that she would really like to go see his show, but said the tickets were too expensive, so that should be amazing, i am not going to lie i am super excited i LOVE Dane Cook. After that night our crazy busy October is going to be over yay!!

Novemeber we are going to try to go to washington for a 3 day weekend, so i will blog about that soon

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