Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back again

After another stretch of no blogging. I am back. Havent been back on since october but am gonna change that now.

Life has been pretty crazy the last couple of months, and its only gonna get worse the next couple of months. I have 3 weddings coming up, two of which i am in. Starting at the beggining on May will be the bachelorette party and everything else for my friend Ashlys wedding. I am a bridemaid in her wedding, and couldnt be any more excited to be apart of everything. It is gonna to be so much fun. I cant wait to see everything unfold.
And the with June coming is my BFFs wedding. We have alot going on that month with her, Bridal shower, Bachelorette party, and wedding all in the same month. Busy busy busy. I am so excited to be with her on her day. It will be an amazingly beautiful day.
July brings a wonderful friend of mines wedding. She just had her baby a couple weeks ago, and we be wedding dress ready back in shape in no time. I am so excited to be attending her beautiful beach wedding.
I couldnt be happier to be apart of all these weddings. I couldnt ask for better friends. Ones that are always here for me when needed. I am excited to be there for there weddings when they need me before the next big step in there lives

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Trina said...

Yay Welcome back! I just started back to but I'm enjoying it! I'm excited for this summer will be busy for sure. Remember I'm here if you need any help!
Love you!